We work together to overcome challenges. We will foster cooperation among member organizations and provincial, territorial, municipal and NGO alliances.


We identify common goals and create shared solutions. We dedicate ourselves to working together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects for mutual benefit.


We develop and maintain effective channels of sharing information. We will disseminate information through various communication mechanisms, both internally and externally.


We effectively utilize resources to help communities prepare and recover. Member organizations commit to working together, in a non-competitive manner, toward the goal of effective service delivery throughout the disaster cycle. Through careful planning and preparation, EMNCC member organizations form partnerships to work in a coordinated, predictive fashion to more effectively utilize resources to accomplish tasks.


We will respect all involved parties to emergency management. We will operate with the assumption that the local authority has responsibility and authority on all events occurring in their jurisdictions and that we recognize the privilege of its member organizations to independently provide emergency services to the citizens in the jurisdiction.